Frequently asked Questions

You've probably asked some of these questions yourself...!

Reservations / Rates

Yes, you can book extras through the Central Reservation +351 21 123 4028, at or directly at the time of pickup (subject to availability).

  • Self Damage Insurance (CDW) with deductibles applied according to the type of vehicle (see in fleet )
  • Insurance against third parties
  • Theft Insurance - VAT at the legal rate in force
  • Mileage according to the current rate
  • Travel assistance.

Super CDW exempts from paying a deductible in the event of a liability claim, with the exception of cases of negligence, misuse, driving under the influence of alcohol or other illegal substances. For better protection, subscribe to WDW - Safe glass break.

You can make a reservation simulation through our Reservations Center ( +351 21 123 4028 or ) and with the support of our employees you can check the availability of vehicles and their values without making a reservation.

You will receive a confirmation email, containing the details of your reservation.

Yes. You should contact our Reservations Center at +351 21 123 4028 or, always indicating the reservation number. Changes can only be made up to 24 hours before the time of booking.

Minimum driver age and additional drivers is 22 years old for all rental vehicles. Drivers must have a valid driving license for at least 2 years.

Exceptions: vehicles can be rented to drivers aged between 18 - 22 years but a fee will be applied to the young driver in the amount of 50 € and subject to approval.

Yes, according to the tariff in force.

Yes. AutoDXR has a Delivery and Collection Service, allowing the pick-up or delivery of the vehicle at a location of your choice (the kilometers from the stand to the location will be discounted from the current rate). This service can be requested in your Online Reservation or through our Reservations Center, subject to confirmation of availability and inherent costs.

You can confirm the values by making a reservation simulation, as it varies according to the type of vehicle and the optional insurance underwritten. You can also consult the values in the "Fleet".

If damage occurs, of your responsibility, or that cannot be attributed to third parties during the rental, you will be charged the amount corresponding to its repair up to the maximum deductible, except in cases of negligence. Each claim management process has a cost of € 100, for administrative expenses.

The rental is valid throughout the territory of the Iberian Peninsula. If the customer intends to cross the border to other countries, contact the reservation center, at the number +351 21 123 4028. The rented vehicle cannot travel outside the Iberian Peninsula without the respective authorization from AutoDXR.

Payments / Deductibles

Credit cards

Debit Cards


Bank transfer

Credit Cards: MasterCards, Amex and Visa.


Vehicle pick-up

Yes, at the time of delivery, a check of the vehicle is carried out by the driver together with an AutoDXR employee, in order to update the data contained in the rental contract regarding the condition of the vehicle. This procedure is repeated when resuming the vehicle.

1. Driving license is valid in the EU.

2. Identification document, passport, identity card / citizen's card.

3. Taxpayer number for residents in the national territory.

4. Credit Card

We are sorry, but in these situations it will not be possible, as the presentation of all documents is mandatory to rent an AutoDXR vehicle, as required by the law in Portugal.

Because your consultation is faster but you can contact us for AutoDXR directly to help you with your rental.

Car Return

It is possible to extend the duration of the rental at the time of pick-up or during the rental itself. You should contact AutoDXR at +351 21 123 4028 or go to the nearest rental station. The extension is subject to vehicle availability and additional payment.

Road fines, tolls or any other violation of the highway code are the responsibility of the contract holder who must settle them. Any fine received at AutoDXR after the end of the rental will be charged to the customer and identified with the competent authorities.

If you need to contact AutoDXR regarding any object left inside our vehicles, you can do so through our Reservation Center +351 21 123 4028 or However, AutoDXR does not accept any responsibility for objects left in the vehicle at the end of the rental.

Yes, AutoDXR has the "Out of Hours" service available to respond to situations outside the opening hours of our offices. This situation must be requested from one of our offices, by phone +351 21 123 4028 or, at least 24 hours in advance (needs confirmation).

We have a personalized and very fast process for the collection of the vehicle at the Airports. You can contact for information on the return procedure.


Yes. The customer may associate a second driver by paying a fee in force called the Additional Driver and which meets the conditions required by Luso for the rental of vehicles.

You must contact our headquarters at +351 21 123 4028 or by phone numbers on the vehicle's key ring. After that contact, call Roadside Assistance by the number that is printed on the vehicle's insurance.

You must always fill out the Friendly Declaration of Automobile Accident (DAAA) and call the authorities (nº 112). You must report to Luso and deliver to the nearest offices, all documentation related to the claim (DAAA and the Occurrence Record provided by the authorities).

The vehicle must be returned until the same time of pickup (with a tolerance of 1h). After this period, an extra day is charged.

An extra amount may be applied, relating to the cost of the Return Rate to the place of origin, unless previously agreed with AutoDXR.

AutoDXR tries to guarantee the maximum delivery of the vehicle according to your chosen model. When it is not even possible for adverse reasons, we guarantee a very similar vehicle.